For the Viennese, like any one else, fashion is both the "wearable art" of Alexander McQueen and the disposable "Fast Fashion" of H&M t-shirts. Helmut Lang too it a step further - turning his fashion into actual Artworks. Fashion is both the pleasure of perfect design & the guilt of Third World production. The desire to be unique & the addiction of mass-consumerism. What is different in Vienna is the special mix of history, culture and politics that affects all designers here, from the Klimt inspired Emilie Flöge, via the haute couture of Susanne Bisovsky, to the fresh new style of Petar Petrov.


As street style has become more and more influential, our Selfie Age allows us all to be models, stylists, designers, influencers and exchangers. But Social Media is a double-edged sword: Facebook and Instagram give everyone the ability to go around the traditional gatekeepers to share their own Style, but in a sea of a billion “looks”, how can the true designer stand out and succeed? 

CUT - the film

Everyday we ask ourselves, what shall I wear? We have become our own style icons, models & designers, sharing a billion selfies a day. In Vienna, the home of Helmut Lang, young labels spring up each year, hoping to both feed our $300 billion style obsession and to rule the Paris runways. Over 50% fail. CUT explores how local history, culture and politics affect designers, how our clothes represent us, and how we collectively produce the Style of our cities.  (Completion 2017)


Vienna has 3D print design and professors like Hussein Chalayan, but it also has centuries old Dirndl and Trachten, a classical Ball Season, chimney sweeps in Victorian clothing, and the super conservative Burschenschafter youth groups. The city's style is both old and modern at the same time, and the two are in constant conflict. Avantgarde Designers here struggle to balance fair trade with sustaining their labels, balance outsourcing with producing local, and fight for support from a city more focused on selling tourists on Mozart and Sisi.

Through the eyes of Vienna - one microcosm in Europe known more for its Dirndl than its designers - we see how our Style reflects our humanity.  Clothes make statements about our gender, political affiliation, or fair trade, or show we don't care anymore about traditional boundaries. In our Selfie age, we are no longer what we wear, we wear who we choose to be.

In the end, Style is about both the need to protect our bodies from the elements, and to stand out from the crowd as our own unique works of art.

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Dir/Prod - A.C. Standen-Raz; Camera/Edit - Tiago Liko; Prod. Coordinator - Mara Vodinelić